rivaclick.comRegister Yourself to Play Poker Online. Poker, as a game, is known to be 1000 years old; some historians trace its origin to the Chinese domino game, and others have concluded that it’s a variation of the Persian game called “As Nas.” But the evidence of the earliest poker that was played comes from Poque, which further was a descendant of Primera Spanish cards game. With such a long history, poker has evolved through various stages, and today, there are numerous versions of poker all over the world.


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    • You need one User ID to play online poker on the website; one account can only have one user id. Moreover, it should not have more than 8 characters, and you also need to check the availability of the chosen name.
    • Next, you have to fill in a nickname for yourself that will be displayed on your dashboard and whenever you play online games with other players. The nickname should also have a maximum of 8 characters.
    • To set the password, you need to take care of some steps like it should have a unique symbol along with a combination of numbers and letters.
    • You also need to provide a valid email id to the website; you will receive useful information regarding your account and other promotional events information on your email account.
    • The next step is providing a valid telephone number, on which you will get the registration message and other promotional offers information.
    • The bank name: Be sure to give the correct name of the bank as failure to do so will lead to incompatibility of the bank account with the servers and you will not get your credit on time.
    • Bank account number: Take care that you fill in the correct number, as failure to do so will lead to the credit of your money into the wrong account.
  • Referrals: In this column, you have to fill out the name of the person who has referred to register yourself on https://score88poker.bid/ and play online poker and other gambling games.